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Holistisk interview: Maddy Moon

This is the first interview in English – ya!

(and please forgive me if my spelling or grammar is incorrect ūüėČ )


A lot of inspiring Danes have been answering the questions – find the interviews here – but one day I was thinking: “Why not contact the people I find inspiring – outside of Denmark?”

So I contacted Alexi Panos, Melissa Ambrosini and Yoga with Adriene to name a few. One thing I know for sure is that you will never know if you don’t try. So I tried and the first to respond was Madelyn Moon also known as Maddy Moon.


I started following Maddy on Instagram – I love her mission:


“I teach perfectionist, masculine-minded women how to slow down and step into their feminine flow.”


I am currently working on stepping into my feminine flow and let me be guided by love, trust and flow – exactly what Maddy is teaching.


Now I’ll let you get to know Maddy a little bit. Enjoy!


Who are you and what do you do for a living?

I’m Maddy Moon, a Transformational Life Coach, Author, Retreat Leader, Speaker and Podcast Host. I run the website¬†maddymoon.com¬†and I have an insatiable¬†desire for helping perfectionistic women step into their Feminine Flow.


What does a holistic lifestyle mean to you?

This means a well-rounded, playful, nourishing lifestyle. I don’t like to use the word “balance” because this in itself generally creates anxiety in people. A truly holistic lifestyle is living¬†alongside¬†the rhythms of your body, moving in ways that feel good, eating the nourishment you need in any given moment, and surrounding yourself with opportunity to play. Play is under-rated in our society, but I know it’s a key ingredient to happiness.


Your best holistic health tip?

Let go more. Where are you grasping for control in your life? Start there.


Your best beauty tip?

What you put on your skin matters. I live in the United States, and we have only 11 chemicals banned from our skincare and beauty products, whereas the European Union has 1,300. Be careful about how you’re nourishing your body by using products you¬†know¬†are safe.


Your best self love tip?

Stop taking yourself (and everything else) so seriously. Your job isn’t the end all be all. Having a perfect body isn’t why you’re alive. You don’t need to prove your worth through your work ethic. You’re already enough, so begin to believe it.


How does your morning/night routine look like?

Morning – I start my morning with a few kisses to my pup, making a cup of coffee, turning on some music and diving into something creative (a podcast, reading, writing). Then I take the dog for a walk, make breakfast and get ready for the day.

Night – This one is must more simple. I read a little, or watch whatever show I’m infatuated¬†with on Netflix, take the dog out for his nighttime walk, wash my face/brush my teeth and then crawl in bed.


What are you currently dreaming of?

My next retreat! It’s going to be in 2018, all about surrendering/letting go of control.


What is one step you can take today that will bring you closer to your dream?

I’m currently creating plans for venue, price, and the amount of people I want to have there.


What book has had the biggest influence on you ‚Äď and why?

The Prosperous Coach Рit gets right to the point about why this world needs coaches and how you can create confidence in your coaching ability.


When life is challenging, what is one sentence you always remind yourself of?

“You are loved for who you are, not what you do.”


What are three things you have been grateful for lately?

1. My partner in life

2. My ability to work from wherever I want to in the world

3. Knowing I’ll always be taken care of


Thank you so much Maddy! You can follow Maddy on Instagram, her website and listen to her podcast here.

Who would you like me to interview next?

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